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Gunn Chiropractic offers presentations/workshops on safety and health topics for businesses in surrounding areas at no charge. These presentations can go from ½ hour to an hour depending on the business’ need. These presentations are interactive and very beneficial to the employees who attend.

If your business has employee trainings, seminars, weekly meetings, safety workshops, lunch meetings, or any other event where employees are together, then consider scheduling Gunn Chiropractic to come and present.

Many times these presentations will count towards OSHA requirements. Gunn Chiropractic has done these presentations in businesses large and small, from just a few people to hundreds. Here are some of the topics that Gunn Chiropractic has presented on in the past:

Presentation Subjects

Stress Management: Identify the difference between physical, emotional, and chemical stress. Gain a better understanding of how stress effects your health. Open your mind to safe and effective ways to combat your stress.

Back Safety and Injury Protection: 80% of workers will experience back pain severe enough to miss work. Learn simple steps from Gunn Chiropractic on how to prevent back injury. Not just proper lifting techniques, but other more important ways to protect your back. Understand how lifting and posture affect your health!

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Fit While You Sit: Identify key things in your workspace that may be causing you pain. Learn the proper techniques of how to sit and how to prevent injuries from sitting in the workplace.

Headaches: It’s not in your head and drugs are not always the answer. Headaches can come from many different sources. Gunn Chiropractic can teach you the different causes of headaches and how they can be prevented.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Repetitive motion of the hands, wrists and elbows can cause numbness and pain in the fingers associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. Learn the early warning signs of carpal tunnel syndrome from Gunn Chiropractic as well as exercises of do’s and don’ts associated with carpal tunnel and other repetitive motion injuries.

Peak Performance, 6 aspects of Health: Wouldn’t it be great to wake up in the morning feeling motivated and full of energy, excited to tackle all the day has to offer? Stretching & exercise, good posture, proper nutrition, restful sleep, a positive attitude and a balanced spine are the key components to staying healthy & feeling great.

Additional Topics

Gunn Chiropractic has presented many more topics in the past. Contact Us to learn what additional topics are available for your presentation. Take the pain out of finding a person to do your next training and have Gunn Chiropractic come in for free.

Spinal Screenings: Gunn Chiropractic also provides spinal screenings where they bring a state of the art machine that measures muscle tension along the spine. This procedure is painless and fast.

If your business is preparing for a health fair or wellness event, schedule Gunn Chiropractic so that they can offer this wonderful tool to your employees as well.




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