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How Chiropractic in American Fork Can Help

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The nervous system controls everything in the body. It does this by sending messages down the spinal cord and out the spinal nerves coming out from in-between the vertebrae (backbones). As long as the spine is aligned and moving properly, the nerves are able to function at 100%.

If however the vertebrae are misaligned or not moving properly, this can irritate the nerves causing them to decrease in their function. Over time with constant irritation this can lead to the nerves becoming sick and exhibiting pain and dysfunction. This also leads to muscles becoming tense and the soft tissue becomes involved.

Gunn Chiropractic’s method of treatment is designed to find the areas that are misaligned and not moving properly and restore the proper motion, thereby taking the irritation off the nerve. There are many methods of treatment and they are almost always very gentle and pain free.

Effective Chiropractic in American Fork

Chiropractic in American Fork has been researched and proven to be very effective with musculoskeletal issues and is a preferred method for back/neck pain and headaches. However, since the nerves coming out of your spine go to everywhere in the body, if the irritation on the nerves can be removed, chiropractic in American Fork has been shown to have positive effects on nearly everything in the body.

Very recent studies have shown chiropractic in American Fork lowering blood pressure, as well as improving the immune system response. Here is a list of some of the many things that can be addressed in our office:

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Back Pain (sprain/strain), Neck Pain (sprain/ strain), Shoulder pain, Thoracic outlet syndrome, Whiplash, sciatica, Disc Problems, migraines, muscle injury, arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, Tennis Elbow, Rotator cuff injuries, Achilles tendinitis, scar tissue, shin splints, Plantar Fasciitis, golfers elbow, knee problems, hip pain, ankle problems, trigger finger, fibromyalgia, overuse injuries, “pinched nerves”, headaches, allergies, digestive problems, immune system response, ADHD, high blood pressure., post surgical pain/problems, scoliosis,

While it is easy to see the relation of how chiropractic in American Fork can help with certain ailments, many times people have a harder time connecting other problems with the health of their spine. But when you understand that the nervous system controls all aspects of the body and we are able to improve the ability of the nervous system to function, then you can see how this could have positive effects on any problem in the body.

High Success Rate for Chiropractic Care

Most importantly, the treatments that are done have very low chance of negative side effects, and high chance of success. Before you ever decide to use strong drugs or surgery, you should always see if a less invasive way could help. Remember a Chiropractor’s malpractice insurance is a fraction of the amount most other health professionals pay. This is due to the low risk of negative side effects.

You have nothing to lose by trying chiropractic in American Fork. With the offers found on this site, you can have yourself checked for little to nothing. You owe your health and your future health a checkup.


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