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In our Utah chiropractor office each patient typically fits into one of three phases of care: Relief, Correction, or Wellness. Comparing these phases of care with Dentistry makes them easy to explain

Get Relief from a Utah Chiropractor

This is the tooth that is aching and needs addressing. In our Utah chiropractor office we get many people who have their life interrupted in some way or another by pain or by an injury they are suffering from. The goal with this group is simple; get them out of pain.

The techniques we use in our office have had great results in getting people out of pain and back to their daily lives. Typically pain is the last symptom to come and luckily it is usually the first symptom to leave.

Chiropractic was rated #1 in April of 2009 by Consumer Reports as being the most preferred treatment for low back pain. 59% voted being highly satisfied with the results of their care for low back pain compared to 34% for their primary care physician. When it comes to pain in the spine, go to a Utah chiropractor that specializes in treating the spine.

Correction Services

Compare this phase to getting braces for your teeth. While some people “tweak” their backs and just need to get out of pain, there are many more that need extra work. Just like getting braces requires frequent visits to adjust the tension on the teeth and to make sure everything is moving properly, so it is with Utah chiropractor care.

We at Gunn chiropractic have many people who come in our office and have lost vital spinal curves that are needed to prevent early degeneration. Other patients have abnormal curves such as scoliosis that if not treated will produce horrible effects down the road.

The most alarming thing is that some individuals are under the impression that there is nothing that can be done for those with bad spinal curves. On the contrary, at Gunn Chiropractic we utilize a technique, Pettibon spinal rehab, where the primary focus is restoring proper spinal curves and balancing the soft tissue around those areas.

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Spinal Correction

When you lose the spinal curves or form abnormal ones, this is not something to ignore because it will not go away without correction. These areas in the spine will cause abnormal force on the joints and in the spine that lead to early spinal decay and arthritis in the spine. Not having the proper spinal curves has been associated with tension headaches, heart and lung problems, as well as lower back pain and sciatica.

As vital as it is to get your blood pressure and cholesterol checked, or screening for cancer, it is just as vital to get you spine checked by a Utah chiropractor to make sure you are not developing problems that are going to make you suffer in the years to come.

The Road to Wellness

Think of this as the well-visit checkup you do with your dentist every 6 months to a year. Those that are living a wellness lifestyle are taking a “proactive” approach to their health instead of “reacting” to problems after they occur.

We have many patients who understand this and so they choose to come in periodically throughout the year to make sure their spine is still in tip top shape because it is much easier to fix a problem when spotted early on then later. One example of this is Scoliosis.

Scoliosis is much more common in females than males. It most commonly shows up in females around the teenage years. There are programs in school to spot this problem, but there are no suggestions or treatments offered if cases are found. A teenager may have scoliosis and think nothing of it except that it looks weird until they get into their 20’s and 30’s when they start having kids and begin feeling the negative effects of their problem. While it can be fixed at that time if not too severe, it is so much easier to correct when first starting or even preventing it before it starts.

Utah Chiropractor Promise

Regardless of what phase of care you are in, we have brought to this office the latest technology and research that enables us to help you achieve your health goals in any of the different phases of care.

Our promise to you is that if we can help you we will tell you. If for some reason we feel our services will not benefit your issue, we will also tell you and help you find someone that can.


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