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Gunn Chiropractic is designed to be a place where you will know you are in good hands. To ensure that we are able to help you with your needs we have certain steps that we take to make your visit as productive as possible.

First Utah Chiropractor Visit:

The first visit takes about an hour (even less time if you fill out the Utah Chiropractor form before coming in.) The first step will be a private consultation with Dr. Gunn. At this time you can freely explain what is going on and Dr. Gunn will listen to you and your needs. Typically the patient knows more about what is going on then any test can tell so this is a vital step.

Next Dr. Gunn will perform an exam to determine what is going on. This exam includes a posture scan, foot/balance analysis, surface EMG exam (measures muscle tension and nerve irritation along the spine), muscle strength testing, orthopedic, neurological, chiropractic tests, and x-rays if necessary. All of this is designed to be painless and completed in under an hour.

By taking the extra time to really figure out what is going on, this enables Dr. Gunn to make the most educated decisions regarding your health.

Since there is so much information generated by the tests, Dr. Gunn takes the information and forms a specific plan of action for you. Because this takes some time, you are asked to schedule a second visit to go over the results. Much like you would with any test at another physician’s office.

Second Utah Chiropractor Visit:

On the second visit, there will be much information discussed about your exam that it is recommended you bring along a family member to help process everything explained. This second visit typically takes about a half-an-hour. At this time Dr. Gunn will explain what results were found, what they indicate, and what recommendation he has for you.

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Regular Utah Chiropractor Visits:

If you do decide to accept care, then a typical office visit would take about 15 – 30 minutes, depending on the treatments performed. There will be no waiting in the front room, all patients have particular warm-up exercises that they do before being treated so they are involved in their care from the start.

At Gunn Chiropractic it is our goal to not have any patient waiting the entire time they are involved in care. This is not your typical doctors office!


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