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Who Needs American Fork Chiropractic?

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The simple answer is everyone can benefit from American Fork chiropractic care, but usually for different reasons. Here is a list of different groups of people and how they may benefit from American Fork chiropractic care:

Athletes/ Active lifestyle: Due to the extra strain that athletes put on their body, it is even more crucial that their spine and pelvis are aligned and moving properly. Also, pain in the different joint in the arms and legs may be affected and our American Fork chiropractic office has gotten great results with these cases. For more info on how Gunn Chiropractic can help with active lifestyles, see our Sport’s page.

Babies/Children: From the birth process itself, to the falls and bumps and bruises as a child, it is important to make sure that the spine remains properly aligned so that as the child grows, there won’t be any problems that lead to major problems down the road.

Also, Children go from laying as a baby, to crawling, to walking, to running, and it is important to ensure that their joints are moving properly and that the joints are even and balanced from side to side.

We have many very effective, gentle and soft techniques at our American Fork chiropractic office that can be used on babies, and children. It is recommended that a child be checked within the first month of their life. Just like a hearing test makes sure the baby can hear, it is important to get their spine checked as well!

Teenagers: Going through puberty has many different things happening on the spine itself. Not only is it growing, but where the weight is distributed is changing as well. It is very important that teenagers spines are checked through American Fork chiropractic care because a lot of problems people have down the road stem from things that have occurred during their teenage years, such as scoliosis.

Improving the function of the nervous system can have beneficial effects on hormone balance, as well as other aspects of the body and can help to give a teenager the needed edge.

Saturday Warriors: This group from their 30’s to their 50’s can be the most important time of all in ensuring a healthy lifestyle. You now choose your own diet, you choose how much you exercise and which health habits you will have. Along with keeping the spine moving properly, we coach patients in ways that they can continue to keep their bodies running as long as possible.

Many times your activity level decrease once you have passed through puberty. If you have areas in the spine not getting the movement that they need then you are at risk for early degeneration and spinal decay. By visiting our American Fork chiropractic office, we can tell you where the areas in your spine are that need to addressed or watch closely through the years.

Elderly: While some may claim that certain things are just the result of old age, there is actually quite a lot that can be done to prevent certain things from happening. As joints in your spine get stuck or are not moving properly, this can lead to early degeneration and decay and can cause pressure on the nerves leading to all sorts of conditions.

At our American Fork chiropractic office, we can find those areas that are not moving properly and help to restore proper function to prevent degeneration or at least prevent further decay. Many of the pains and problems associated with old age can be helped and taken care of without drugs or surgery! Like with children, there are many treatments that can be done that are very gentle and soft and can have great results.

American Fork Chiropractic Care for All Ages

Regardless of age, there are benefits to having your spine checked. The best part is that we will do that for you for little to no cost. There really is no excuse for not having a checkup because the money and pain that you can save from keeping a watchful eye on your spine will benefit you greatly!


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