How frequently should you visit the chiropractor?



January 11, 2020

Because everybody is unique, how often you should visit the chiropractor is dependent upon a variety of factors. Someone who has been in a recent car accident and sustained whiplash will need to visit the chiropractor more frequently and consistently than someone who is wanting a general adjustment. Correcting an injury or issue will require more time at the chiropractor than someone who is wanting to prevent becoming misaligned.

As we go through life, our bodies experience wear and tear as they are involved in every moment and event that occurs. An athlete, for example, might not sustain an immediate injury in a single instance, but as their body trains and performs over a series of weeks, months, and years, they might begin to experience discomfort through micro-injuries that have occurred. Your body keeps track of these micro-injuries over time and they might start to manifest themselves through muscle tightness, misalignment, or even neurological imbalances.

Another factor in how often you should see a chiropractor is based on how your body reacts to initial visits. For some, all it takes is a couple of visits to set their body on track. For others, it takes considerably more time for their bodies to adjust to treatment.

The best thing you can do is consult with your chiropractor about your current conditions and come up with a plan of how often you should receive treatment. Consistency is key in chiropractic. Once you get on top of and injuries or discomforts, it's important to remain consistent with visits, you might not have to go as frequently, but by continually receiving treatment over time, you will be able to feel your very best!

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